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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

What is RentOui?

RentOui is a platform that provides an online forum for its users to advertise, lend and rent luxury handbags to other users. There is no membership fee. You can join the RentOui community for free! RentOui simply facilitates your peer to peer luxury handbag rentals and charges a small percentage fee for its service. You do the rest!

Your profile

RentOui recommends that you include a picture of yourself on your profile page to foster community and respect, and to help you identify users with whom you will lend/rent.

Location restrictions

RentOui is currently only available to users located in Manhattan and Miami. If you are located in another city, please email us an expansion request to help@rentoui.com.


RentOui’s review system encourages timely comments and ratings for transactions fostered by the RentOui platform. The more 5-star reviews a user has, the greater their following!

For lenders

Items we accept

Our platform focuses on luxury handbags in excellent condition, including vintage and new handbags. RentOui approves all listings manually within 48hr, to cultivate the highest quality inventory for our community. You can see our list of approved designers on the listing form (see the section “How do I list an item?” to find our listing form).

How do I list an item?

To start lending, hit the “List your handbag” button on the RentOui website. Provide a title, description, defects, brand information and color. Set your daily pricing and enter the estimated retail value of the handbag. Set the availability period for the handbag. Upload high-quality images from various angles, ensuring that you show any existing wear and tear. Complete your listing and your item will be reviewed by a RentOui team member within 48 hours.

Who you rent your bag to is up to you. You have sole discretion in deciding. We want you to feel completely confident that your transaction is secure and your handbag is safe. In order to assist the greater RentOui community in secure transactions, lenders and renters are asked to submit reviews of the transaction based on a 5-star rating system with comments. See Terms and Conditions for the rules applying to reviews.

Listing photo guidelines

RentOui recommends you upload a minimum of 10 photos showing your handbag from every angle, including the bottom, corners and interior. Stock photos or photos from other websites are unacceptable. The photos you upload should be photos of your actual handbag. This will assist renters in ascertaining the authenticity of your handbag. Any existing damage to the handbag should be shown and fully disclosed.

We recommend you use a square 1:1 aspect ratio for all of your photos.

Listing value guidelines

The rental fee you set for your handbag is up to you and completely discretionary. To maximize your rentals, RentOui recommends a daily rental fee of 1% of the value of your handbag. For example, if your handbag has a value of $5000, your daily rental fee would be $50.

Loss, theft or damage

RentOui encourages lenders to utilize Stripe for a secure and safe transaction. Stripe offers rental protection. Additionally, RentOui will place a credit card hold for the deposit value that you set on the renter’s credit card. The deposit will be released four days after the end of the rental period, allowing plenty of time to identify any issues with the returned handbag.

How do I deliver my handbag?

In Person: Once you and your renter have settled on the rental term, you should select a mutually convenient public location to drop off your handbag. This transaction is entirely up to you. See the list of recommended drop locations in our Terms and Conditions. RentOui suggests you ask for a government issued ID from your renter when you meet. RentOui also suggests that only the lender and renter be authorized to lend/pick up the bag. Returns are at your discretion.

Via Courier: RentOui offers a courier service in the Manhattan and greater Miami areas. Should you choose this option, a one way fee of $15 or a round trip fee of $25 will be deducted from your rental proceeds. RentOui assumes the risk for loss, theft or damage of your bag during transit.

Via USPS, UPS or FedEx: RentOui offers various shipping options for your handbag linked on your account page. You may confer with your renter and choose your favorite. Should you choose one of these shipping options, RentOui recommends you insure your item with the carrier and that you opt for signature confirmation on delivery.

For renters

How do I know if a handbag is authentic?

RentOui takes all listings on our platform seriously. Each listing is reviewed and approved by a team member. While RentOui does not guarantee authenticity, RentOui reserves the right to charge a penalty fee to a lender should a counterfeit item be found on our platform.

Can I negotiate the rental rate?

Absolutely! RentOui does not get involved in transactions between Lenders and Renters. Through our monitored messaging system, you can communicate directly with the bag’s owner and establish whatever terms are comfortable to you both. This includes price and delivery method/location.